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Shell Contractors

H&M Development strives to provide the highest quality tilt-up, concrete, masonry and carpentry services in the South East Region.
As shell contractors, H&M strives to provide the highest quality tilt-up, concrete, masonry, and carpentry services in the Southeast region. Through open communication and close business relationships with suppliers, the company repeatedly delivers high-quality components that fit clients’ needs and budget. H&M’s shell construction services include everything from demolition, foundations, masonry, cast-in-place concrete, and slabs on grade, to all types of flooring, rough carpentry, concrete stairs, site and retaining walls, flatwork, pre-cast, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete construction. It is because of this wide range of services, as well as the company’s knowledge and skill, that H&M has been able to build solid foundations with all of its customers — an accomplishment the H&M team is most proud of, still today.
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